Our first Reconnect conference in Sydney last year was a great success and we've love to have some top notch sponsors again for Reconnect.Brisbane in September this year.

Between the four companies organising this year's conference, we have been exhibitors and sponsors at dozens of DevCons, Engage and numerous other FileMaker conferences. We know what makes it worthwhile for exhibitors and we want to balance that against making sure the content is also valuable for attendees.

As an independent conference organising committee we have more options available to us such as including printed or promotional materials in the packs given to attendees, and sharing approved attendee mailing list data.

Our three levels of sponsorship are the "Standard" which is a just the basics option, plus Premium and a one off Event sponsor.
But what we're really focusing on is Premium package where each sponsor is matched to a single session. We think this is a great way to connect with exhibitors and is unlike anything done at other conferences. It's a great way to get the attention of 100% of attendees and deliver value for everyone.

We may end up with more sponsors interested than slots available, so please get in touch as soon as possible with Nick Orr (nick@reconnect.fm) to confirm your interest.

Premium Sponsorship (includes standard Sponsorship) - 10 Available


We have the same number of premium sponsors as sessions and so each sponsor is thanked as the sole sponsor for this session.
Keynote slides will say "this session is sponsored by your company". This includes 2-3 minutes of time after the session dedicated to the sponsor, where you can choose to present your products direct to 100% of the audience ( we only run a single session track ). In this time you can:
  • Come along in person and present.
  • Have a pre-recorded video that the presenter shows.
  • Have preset slides that the presenter shows.
  • Have a demo that you want the presenter to run.
  • Plus you could also:
    • Do a one off giveaway/raffle of a gift or free product.
    • Do a quick survey
    • Promote a conference special.
We really want to offer sponsors some dedicated time with our audience and we feel like these short sessions are a great way to get the attention of 100% of the conference audience for your company. There will only be 10 available sponsored sessions and we will make sure your brand and your message is brought to the audience.
Premium sponsors onboard

Standard Sponsorship


  • Recognition/logo on the Reconnect website (get in early so you can maximise your impact).
  • Logo/slides between sessions in the main conference venue.
  • Acknowledgement in the welcome and closing sessions.
  • Logo on all printed material. Last year this included banners and notepads.
Additionally, you can offer our attendees pre printed promotional material - we will provide you the location for you to have this printed locally in Brisbane at your cost, and we will then collect and distribute. Or if you wanted to include something more substantial, we can work with promogear.com.au who are printing our t-shirts and lanyards to have any item you like included.
Standard sponsors onboard

Social Event Sponsorship (includes Standard Sponsorship) - 1 Available


  • Up to 15 minutes of dedicated audience attention at the social event. Note that there will not be any facility to do a Powerpoint/Keynote at the drinks.
    If you are not attending the conference in person, we can get one of the organising committee to do your presentation on your behalf.
  • You might like to run short giveaway, or do a quiz, or talk about your products. We want you to come up with something creative and interactive with the audience. We're happy to work with you on the ideas and make this really worthwhile option for your company.
  • Logo on our t-shirts : all our organisers will wear one, plus we give one to each speaker and the attendees can offer to purchase them.
    At a minimum 25 t-shirts will be printed but it could be as many as we have attendees.
  • Plus you get your logo highlighted separately from the other sponsors in all materials and mentioned on the website, and in all the slides, and any time the social event is mentioned.